Why Women Should Invest In Real Estate?

Why Women Should Invest In Real Estate?

Women have made great strides in the labor market since they get the chance to show their capabilities professionally. And with the change of time and evolution of culture and society, there is an increase in the number of women who are independent and financially secure.

Investing in real estate

Investment is fruitful in real estate only when you have a focus and clear mindset on what you envisage for your financial goals and the returns you are looking for, from your investments.

Investing in real estate in India is also challenging because of the local nature of its growth and profitability. The local regulations bring impediments to growth if these are not handled carefully. Investment in real estate will not only give you financial strength but also emotional joy. However, beginners will have to take small steps and stay patient through this journey of enrichment, and understand success is not overnight in this sector.

Especially in our country where people hurry for decisions without evaluations and market fluctuations, the 3 Cs are the respite which includes proactive communication, comprehensive research, and commitment towards your goals and the properties you are investing in.

Calculate your finances, stay with 3Cs and education are golden coins in this cherry sector.

Make all your cakes and cherries.

Women in Investment

Have you heard of this statement by Sir William Golding: “Women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men . They are far superior and always been”, if yes, you can understand whatever you will give to women they will make it greater and better. Women are making strides with business in our country, more and more role models and connections from the roots of our villages are enabling women, investors, and entrepreneurs. Let’s take the example of Shark Tank India, the famous business show on Set. There is a study from a leading publication stating that 54% of participants are women biding their entrepreneurial ventures. These studies enable and show clear pictures attitude of our ladies for impactful business with  larger purposes

Women Investment in real estate

Real estate investments are largely in focus with men and assumed in our country male-oriented business due to multiple reasons which didn’t justify this assumption. Today we see a rise in the number of women investing in this sector as well. In a recent study, we observe 23% of women are actively invested in real estate and this graph is rising. However, still, men hold over 65% of investments in the real estate market. Women investors are lacking with 3Cs of our golden coins but as the number of investors rises more ladies acknowledge the profits and financial growths.

Today our employment sector is seeing and supporting more women taking challenging jobs and becoming financially independent. They also observe saving and investing as a way forward. The handholding from our government is enabling women to make the right decisions when investing in real estate.

Challenges and opportunities

In the nutshell, we acknowledge and appreciate the culture that our Indian ladies are changing the dynamics by investing in the real estate sector with golden coins.

However, the numbers are still alarming and men still hold more than ⅔ control in this sector.

Yes, today women are taking charge of their finances and making their own financial decisions.

Multiple support systems like government organizations even private entities are enabling our ladies with advantages for low premiums, more savings, lesser interest, lower stamps, Shakti Kendra , Mahila-E-Haats.

The progress of women in investments is healthy especially we see a rising graph of women investors in the real estate business. It is evident women are rising in all spheres of their life with better financial health.



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