Why should you invest in a house at a young age

Why should you invest in a house at a young age


Investing in a house is a major financial responsibility. It’s no wonder people want to acquire financial stability before taking this monetary undertaking. Buying a house needs a financial plan. But the question is when is the right time to buy a house. Time is right when you make it.

However, planning and investing early has its own merits. If you wondering about the benefits of investing in a house at the beginning of your career. Here are a few of the pointers on why should you invest in a house at a young age.


Real Estate investment

Real estate investment is a tangible asset. You can rent it out, make earnings over it. Real estate investment is considered a great retirement investment. Because real estate property prices appreciate over time. Real estate is considered a better long-term investment.


As a young person if you are considering buying a home. You can go for a longer loan tenure and pay a lower amount of EMIs. Though, lengthening the loan tenure also means higher interest rates.

Tax deduction

The government of India offers many tax benefits to homebuyers. You can opt for tax-deductible up to 2 lacs on the interest payable. You can find all the benefits you get from buying a house. Contact a legal adviser to get a clear picture of tax benefits you can avail.

Credit Reputation

It is wise to invest in a real estate property with a loan. Property prices tend to increase manifold over time. When you pay the EMIs on time, you get a good credit reputation. A good credit score qualifies you for higher loan amounts at lower interest rates.

Banks are keener to loan out money to young adults. Young people have longer employment tenure, with time and age, their income will increase. Chances of repayment of the loan are higher in comparison to an aged adult.

What are factors you need to consider before taking on a loan?

Before taking on a loan at the beginning of your career, you need to consider a few things-

You need to make a budget. Analyze all your standing financial obligations, income, and savings. Usually, homebuyers have to make a down payment for the house. Which is normally 10-25% of the property cost.

Research and compare various lenders to figure out the best offer. Don’t shop the first offer you get from a lender. If you want to buy a house as an investment in real estate, then pay attention to the area in which it is located. Check the development plans for that area. You can find out about it from the local authorities. Houses in upcoming areas are less expensive and provide a better return on investment.

Check if the house is ready to move in. That way, you will acquire it faster and give it out on rent to help your EMI payments.


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