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Important Documents to be checked before booking a Builder’s Property

Buying a property is always a long and drawing experience. It includes a number of hurdles, demanding tasks and complicated laws, which need to be verified and presented at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is important to deal with everything systematically especially if you are booking a builder’s property

We have created a list of 18 prerequisites that will help you in making the process simplified and cover all the risk.

RERA Registration certificate

Under RERA act, the properties need to be registered with the RERA authorities of the particular state. The certificate includes the applications and documentations related to the project.

The assessment of documents thoroughly assures that no dealer or property agent cheats you in any way.   

If you are planning to buy a 2BHK or 3BHK flat in Kharar, this is something you should focus upon. 

CLU from Competent Authority

If the builder is converting the residential property into a building or whatsoever he needs to obtain a CLU (Change of land Use) certificate from the competitive authority. The certificate ensures that the builder has fulfilled the entire requirement and has got approval for the layout plan. 

Registry/Sale Deed in the name of builder

The document will prove that the builder is the legal owner of the property. The legal document is a valid proof that no one can raise a question on the ownership of the land. 

Legal and Search report of the land

The search report of the land traces the history of the property. It describes when the land was first sold, who the first owner was and when the particular builder purchased it. 

The document is used to know if the land is under any acquisition or legal issues.  

Promoter license of the builder

As per the RERA regulations, promoters are the builders who fabricate high rise buildings and sell them to those who are looking for homes. There are a number of rules that a promoter of a secured society in Kharar has to meet in order to construct a builder legitimately.   

Project letter approval in the name of builder

A builder needs a certain set of documents to get the project approved. He/she should be able to produce the same set of documents at the time of purchase. It includes land titles, lien letters and clearances.

Approved Maps and Layout plan from the competent authority

It is essential for a builder to get the maps and layout plans approved before commencing the construction of residential or commercial buildings. 

NOC from the pollution control board

The Pollution Control Board issues a Pollution NOC certificate “consent to operate” before commencement of construction activity. 

NOC for the solid waste

The Solid Waste Management Department plays a key role in the following areas. The builder needs this No Objection Certificate for the solid waste management for the construction.

NOC for the treated water disposal

This is a mandatory document for promoters as it is issued to clarify that the premises are objection-free to get the connection. It clarifies that no dues or any other litigation are pending on the building. 

NOC from the electricity department

This NOC certificate is issued after verifying and examining the premises fire assistance and the mechanism used for fire safety. Make sure your promoter can provide the same. 

NOC for fire safety

This NOC certificate is issued after verifying and examining the premises fire assistance and the mechanism used for fire safety. Make sure your promoter can provide the same.

Municipal Committee Sewer Connectivity with Project

Every promoter needs to provide a certificate from Municipal Committee for Sewer connectivity. It ensures proper waste management of the houses. 

Project tie-ups with Nationalized projects, especially SBI

Project tie-ups with nationalized banks, especially SBI, add to the credibility of the construction project. Moreover, SBI is preferred because the bank guarantees to return homebuyers money if the promoter fails to give possession within due time.  

Environmental Clearance

It is to clarify that the construction or the activity that has been performed on the provided land is explored and planned in such a way that it does not harm the environment in any case. 

Height NOC from Ministry of Defence

The height of the building is considerably influenced by many natural features including the limitation of distance or range of meteorological conditions. That is why; the height of the project should be proposed in such a way that it does not affect the aerodrome space of the sky. The NOC application for height clearance calculates the permissible height of the building.

Completion Certification (in case ready to move in)

The promoters need to provide the completion and occupancy certificate and the final cost should include all the prices.

NOC from the National Highway Authority of India

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) offers an NOC that certifies the Access permission for approach to private property abuting on National Highway/ state highway/ or district roads. 

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