Why is a luxury home in a gated society a better option in Tricity?

Why is a luxury home in a gated society a better option in Tricity?

Investing in a residential property is prudent and so many people look for property for sale in Mohali. But what do you think is a better option – to buy a house in Tricity or a flat in a gated society? For home buyers, a gated society has much to offer, which is why it is a better option in Tricity.

Here are some of the points to show why you should buy a 2BHK flat in Mohali in a gated society.

Better Security

A secure environment is something that all residential property buyers look for. It allows residents to have a sound sleep at night because they know they are safe. This is one of the reasons why many people look for a rented flat rather than a rented house. A flat in a gated society offers them security and safety 24×7. CCTV surveillance at all places including entry and exit gates, lift area, parking, and recreation park area ensures their family is in a haven.

Enhanced ROI

In comparison to a house on rent, gated societies offer you better rent as they are costly. The tenants are ready to pay maintenance charges in addition to the rental charges. Today, 3bhk flats in Mohali can offer you a far better return than any other property. Another investment option in a gated society is a villa. You can invest in a villa in Kharar and you can rent it out. Many people are ready to give a humongous amount of rent for a villa surrounded by greenery in a gated society, where they do not have to bother about security.


When pollution is rising and most cities have poor oxygen levels and most cities have poor oxygen levels in the atmosphere, it is essential to living in a house surrounded by greenery. It offers tranquility and gives space to the residents to jog, go for a stroll anytime and opt for cycling. Apart from this, there are swimming pools, yoga decks, gyms, and many more such things that make it a special place to live in.

All under one roof

In any housing society with flats and 2bhk apartments in Mohali, you can find commercial places in the vicinity or near it. You can find the best shopping area in Kharar gated societies that are much in demand in Tricity. These shopping centers have all branded shops from classy parlors to reputed pharmacies. You can find eateries and other essential item shops that allow you to buy things without wasting your fuel and time commuting from one place to the other.

Social Interaction

Unlike in the past, social interaction has diminished with time, especially in cities. People are leading a life in a more aloof way. They are secluded and are no longer living in a closely knitted society. A gated society allows people to develop a bond and a sense of togetherness. In these societies, there are parks, and clubhouses, and people celebrate different festivals together as a family.

Improved Lifestyle

If you compare the lifestyle of people living in Nirwana Heights or other such gated societies with any other residential real estate properties in Kharar you can mark the difference in the lifestyle. These societies offer clean and healthy lifestyle options to people with umpteen options available at their doorsteps. From police-verified domestic help to vigilant security guards, these societies have all that makes your lifestyle better and lavish.

Sophisticated Gentry

Most of the people living in such societies are highly educated and come from a good background. The chances of goons and frauds living in such areas are lower and you can expect a sophisticated gentry in the vicinity. In recent times, many news reports of people encroaching on areas in housing societies in Noida have cropped up. But in Kharar and Mohali region you can opt for 2bhk flats in Kharar and the people residing in the society will be well cultured.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, one can say that a luxury home, such as a villa in Kharar in a gated society, is a better option than an independent house for sale in Kharar. It might sound more lucrative but it won’t allow you to lead a modern lifestyle.

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