Why Do High-End Middle Class Need to Invest in Commercial Properties?

Why Do High-End Middle Class Need to Invest in Commercial Properties?

Is the idea of investing in commercial real estate properties in Kharar putting you in dilemma? It is time to drive through this write-up to understand how the road to good investment goes through commercial properties.

Be the Change and Stay Motivated

The idea that real estate helps you make money is indisputable. The list of billionaires in India with real-estate backgrounds is proof of it.

But do you know many of these billionaires started by first investing in real estate? These men understood the potential of investing in commercial buildings, and today, they are on the path to riches.

No one is asking you to start a real estate agency in Mohali. Just try to analyze the prospects that you have in commercial property investments.

Why Does the Middle-Class Avoid Investment in Commercial Properties?

Some high-end middle-class men and women still have apprehensions about investing in commercial real estate and think it is for wealthy guys, scroll down to understand where you are going wrong.


One thing that makes a winner different from a loser is the attitude. The same thing applies to you. To make money you need to invest money in the right place. Buying a 2 BHK flat in Mohali for earning rent can never offer you a return like an investment in commercial properties. It demands more investment but the return is equally overwhelming.

Conventional Thinking

Today, many high earners in the middle class have the potential to invest in Nirwana Square One, but they won’t take the initiative to discuss it with the Nirwana team. Instead, they will think of protecting and preserving their money at all costs. They have money to invest in commercial real estate. Still, they would prefer to open a Fixed Deposit account in a bank at a lower interest rate or look for two independent houses for sale in Mohali.

It is the traditional thinking that keeps you tied to the old custom of making safe investments with low returns.

More Indulged in Diversifying Investments

Blaming mutual fund distributors for sowing the seed of diversified investments will be wrong as you always play defensive. You believe in playing cricket like Rahul Dravid rather than Virendra Sehwag. You think more about the safety net and end up making some bad investment choices. Rather than investing more in real estate properties in Kharar, they will be busy applying diversification techniques in investment plans. The wealthy people try to win big even if it means taking big risks, but high-end middle-class individuals are thinking more about minimizing the risk in investments.

If you also think making a big Investment in commercial property can be too risky for you especially when you have seen how many property owners faced challenges during the pandemic, then you are mistaken.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investments for Middle Class

Here are some of the points that highlight how commercial real estate investments can be a boon for you even being middle class.

Capital Appreciation

In comparison to other types of investments, the capital appreciation of immovable assets is higher. So, if you choose a duplex house for sale in Mohali, you will be earning a good profit but this profit margin increases substantially when you invest in commercial real estate. In a nutshell, the rate of appreciation in real estate will be better than any other type of immovable asset.

Open Avenues of Tax Saving for the Investor

Although this is a topic that needs a separate page for a comprehensive understanding. Still, to highlight the many ways in which commercial property investment is more beneficial than others, this is a point that allures even the high-end middle-class section which is always troubled with mammoth tax notices. There are many tax benefits that you can avail of in the form of deductions under “standard deduction” as well as deductions on interest loans on buying a commercial property.

Better Rental Income

At a time when even a 2BHK flat in Kharar allows you to enjoy a good rental income, what can you expect from office premises on rent? For sure, it will give you a constant and massive income flow. Post-pandemic many companies are looking for office spaces and are ready for co-sharing. You can expect a good income from the rent only by getting into a rental agreement with any IT or Digital Marketing company in Mohali.

A Secure Investment

Commercial investments are secure from all angles. So, those always worried about the risks involved in investments can have relief. The location of a commercial building ensures higher capital appreciation and never faces the dearth of rental options.

Final Thought

Break the conventional middle-class approach in property investment and opt for commercial real estate as it is one of the safest and most secure investment options. You can find commercial property for sale in Mohali like Nirwana Square One that is worth each penny.


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