Why apartments are better than houses?

Why apartments are better than houses?

Are you considering buying a home in 2022 in the Tricity area?

It is always a good feeling to own the roof over your head. And not have to pay rent and do whatever with the space as per your choice.

Now that you have already decided to achieve the goal of owning a home. Buying a home for a family is a dream for many. But the question you must be wondering- Should I buy an apartment or a house? What are the factors that I must consider?

In the end, it comes down to one question ‘ What is a better option for you and your family?’

Let’s review factors that will show you why buying an apartment is a better option.


Apartments are less expensive than houses. Price is always one of the key factors that are always the deciding factor. Also, apartments are a better investment as they are easy to maintain.

Common areas and latest amenities

Your home will not be only an apartment. You and your family get access to common areas and other latest facilities such as garden, pool, tennis yard, etc. You get access to all the facilities at a nominal rate as the cost is divided among other owners of the building.


When you purchase an apartment, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the property as much as you do in the case of a house. You will have the latest amenities and don’t stress about the maintenance. When you have something broken and needs repair, all you have to let call the maintenance crew of your society.


When you bought a house, you have to worry about the security of the place too. When you are living in a gated society, this aspect of security to feel safe and avoid any kind of theft is covered. From the moment someone entered the society, the person is monitored and identified, only then they are allowed in the building.

Great Community

When you are living in a gated society, you get to bond and built this close community. Plus when you have a common gym or fitness center and other communities. This creates more opportunities to meet and know your neighbors.


As you already read above  – an apartment is cheaper in comparison to a house. In case you took a home loan, the lower the price, the lower the EMI.  This means living in an apartment comes with an opportunity to save more money for your future.


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