Role of Green Spaces in Residential Buildings And Societies

Role of Green Spaces in Residential Buildings And Societies

It is so rare to find urban green spaces, especially if you are looking for 2bhk apartments in Tricity. Under the guise of lush green residential complexes, all you get in return is artificial greenery. Despite this, many of you opt for such a residential complex.

The question is – why do you do this? Is there a dearth of green housing societies? Indeed, yes. Still, there are good green options as well, like Nirwana Heights? Then, why do you neglect green surroundings around your 2bhk flat in Kharar or any other adjoining region of Chandigarh Tricity?

One of the primary reasons is that you don’t understand the importance of natural green areas around you. You think it will not directly affect your health and quality of life.

So, for those who believe an artificial green environment can do the same as a natural one,

here are some points to disperse your misconception of green spaces in a residential building. 

Allows Social Interactions

Not just in old age, you need the company of friends. In your prime age too, you feel like meeting with friends and discussing your day. If looking at your kids playing in parks gives joy to married couples, enjoying a walk after long hours of sedentary work offers relaxation to the singles as well. All this is a part of social interaction that is integral to our life. It is only possible when you stay at real estate properties in Kharar or Mohali with ample green spaces.

Association Between Green Space and Mental Health

City parks are not a substitute for green areas in your housing society. So, when you buy a house in Tricity with ample greenery, including plants, vegetation, and trees. You get a chance to improve your mental health. According to epidemiological studies, there is a positive association between green spaces and your mental health. It means when you live in a place with greenery, the chances of you having better mental health are higher.

Offers Space For Regular physical Activity

Many real estate properties in Kharar are not designed to accommodate physical activity areas. The same could be said about the property for sale in Mohali. They are all jampacked, and the absence of parks and an open green environment is more petite. As a result, physical activities become rare, and you end up wrapped with myriad health issues. The most common health issues arising from lower physical activities are –

Increase in Weight – Irregular increase in weight is an urgent problem that we usually ignore, considering it as a part of growing age and hormonal changes. Lower athletics can be instrumental in enhancing your weight.

Higher Chances of Diabetes – Whether you have diabetes or not, you must spend time walking. Go for a brisk walk or just a stroll. It will help you maintain your health. But, if you do not do this, the probability of entering borderline diabetes or prediabetes is higher than you perceive.

Sleeping Disorders – According to some studies made on Indians, it has been found that low physical activity can predict short-term insomnia. Some other studies on a similar line by the British Journal of Sports Medicine on the UK- based subjects found that the combination of poor sleep and low physical activity had a higher risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

Improved Quality of Air

Living in green surroundings allows you to inhale clean air. So, if you have a villa in Kharar with no green spaces, you are prone to the damaging effects of pollution. You cannot escape it with all the beautiful interiors and wall-mounted plants in your palatial abode.

Enhances Happiness

Environments also play a role in your happiness. Perhaps that is why people go to hill stations to relax and feel happy. According to researchers, green surroundings can also impact your happiness positively.

Improves The Chances of Recovery From Health-Related Problems

Many recent studies have found that exposure to green can unfold salutogenic effects. It means you can quickly recover from diseases and many health problems when exposed to a green environment. Even surgical patients can recover faster in environment-friendly and green apartments in Mohali.

Bonus Information – Do you understand salutogenic effects? It is a trendy term applied in health sciences. It translates to “the origins of health”. Here the focus is on the health and not on the disease.

Bottom Line

Green accommodations allow you to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Buying a 3bhk flat in Mohali is not about investing in residential properties in Tricity. It is more about adding happiness to life and improving the quality of life. So, this time when looking for a Mohali house for sale, better not forget to check whether it has enough greenery around or not.




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