Pros And Cons of Resale Property

Pros And Cons of Resale Property

Sameer has shifted many flats over the years. He is tired of moving homes due to the increasing rental prices. One day he shared this problem with Sartaj. Sartaj suggested he should invest money in buying a resale apartment.

Why resale apartments?

Though most people prefer to buy a home from the primary market. But, Resale flats are also an option that money-conscious people can explore. . A resale apartment doesn’t need to be brand new to be a good real estate investment. It can be a newly constructed or an old one. Every resale apartment can have unique benefits. Resale apartments can end up being a very profitable investment. However, before making any decision, a savvy buyer must explore the aspects related to a resale apartment.

Let’s look at some pros and cons to get a better perspective on resale property

Resale apartments have many benefits It can be profitable to buy a flat that has a lesser price in comparison to others in the market. But know that the pricing of the resale apartment depends on multiple factors such as city, locality, builder, and age of the apartment among others.

Resale property could have cons and pitfalls if you didn’t do your due diligence before buying.


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