Important things to check before buying a property

Important things to check before buying a property

The process of homeownership is never-ending. Everything is important from an inspection before buying to repairs and maintenance afterward. Home needs your continuous attention and care. You can stop only when you decide to sell the house or pass it on to your kids.

You have done your due diligence and found the house of your choice. But, you need to make sure the house is as per your expectation and in promised condition. The way to do that is the property inspection.

Inspecting a house before making any final decision is very wise. The given below pointers will guide you on the things to look at during a property inspection in India in 2022.


One of the crucial things to do check when inspecting a house is Measurements. Take your measuring tape and measure the area and height. Everything is as promised by the developer. Plus, you get an idea of how would like to use the space.

Leakage or water seepage-

You have to check the house for any leakages or water seepage, even though the roofs leaks are not a problem in apartments. The bathroom above the floor could to water seepage in the walls and ceilings. It is a good idea to make certain the house has no leakage or water seepage problems.

Plumbing and drainage-

Thoroughly check the plumbing condition in and around the house. You need to also check the drainage system, if water is not draining properly, it could lead to water seepage and blockage. Ensure the plumbing and drainage is working properly to avoid flooding possibilities.

The pressure of water-

Water is the most important and basic facility for every home.  Turn on the water outlets to check the water pressure, also check how it affected if you open them all at once.


In the case of resale homes, there is a chance of damage. It may include, cracks in the walls or ceiling, cracked flooring, or busted windows. You can take note of all these things and ask the seller for repairs


You cannot imagine your life without electricity. Must get inspected electricity wiring in the house. An electrician can make sure everything is alright to move in.


Nowadays houses include HVAC pipelines, gas pipelines, smoke detectors, etc. You can have them inspected by a third party, to find out if they are in working condition or not.

Vision India Group has approved projects from RERA. That means you don’t have to worry about the construction, fake advertisements. You will get all the deliverables that the builder has promised you.

Additionally, you can carry your inspection to your heart content. Choosing Vision India Group for your dream home or investment is the right choice because we value people and their dreams.



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