How to Decide Between Buying a Plot or Flat in Mohali?

How to Decide Between Buying a Plot or Flat in Mohali?

Having a plot vs flat dilemma? Here is an efficient guide for you! The trends of real estate properties in Mohali continue to thrive with the ever-growing demand and aspiring expectations. You undergo multiple thought processes while deciding on the type of property to invest in. Buying a flat or plot in Mohali is something that requires your in-depth attention. This guide intends to help you decide between buying a flat or a plot in Mohali. Continue reading!

Every single penny you spend reflects on your life and has a direct influence on your present and future. Buying a residential property in Mohali isn’t a straightforward task and it involves plenty of notable factors. That’s why you do need to undergo thorough research before taking the crucial step to finalize your dream project. A little negligence may end up your regret after purchasing assets. Residential properties feature several forms i.e. apartments, villas, plots, flats, etc. Ultimately, clients may get confused about whether to buy a plot or a flat as per trending norms.

Plot Vs Flat: Which is Better to Buy in Mohali?

Certainly, it is one of the tough decisions to choose between buying a flat or a plot in the tri-city. Massive real estate projects are taking place in the region due to ever-growing business opportunities and daily lifestyle trends. The same tendency can be witnessed in the segment of residential properties with the humongous transition of populations. Plenty of factors may affect the decision since it directly belongs to future events and resale value etc.

Purchasing a plot triggers construction works on a planned and approved layout. But a flat brings an already-constructed structure and you only need to shift your household belongings after the possession. Similarly, flats are ready to accept possession while plots may take months (or years) to transfer possession. Some of the other scintillating aspects you can consider while choosing between plot and flat include rate of appreciation, income potential, tax, financial assistance, flexibility, etc.

How to Decide Between Buying a Plot or Flat in Mohali?

It is always a confusing affair when you have to choose between a plot, a flat or an apartment for your real estate investment. Mohali is one of the fastest-growing cities in north India with gargantuan business establishments, industrialization, and world-class facilities.

Overall, choosing between a flat or a plot is all about a personal decision.

Underneath, here are some elementary factors you can take into consideration while deciding between a flat and a plot:

Ø  Delivery

Ø  Effort

Ø  Returns

Ø  Income

Ø  Tax

Flat Vs Plot in Mohali – Delivery

Since flats are already constructed, they are ready for possession. On the other side, a plot is just a particular piece of land that you will use to construct your home or property. Hence, it may take months or even years before giving you the final possession.

Flat Vs Plot in Mohali – Effort

Efforts are required to be made in the case of plots to execute construction works as per the approved layout. You have to supervise the construction, arrange capital and deal with local lawsuits, etc. The flat, on the other side, collect multiple basic amenities i.e. maintenance, security, power supply, swimming pools, clubhouse, etc.

Flat Vs Plot in Mohali – Returns

Since plots are less in the market, clients are more likely to gain impressive returns as compared to apartments/flats. However, it also depends upon the location and proximity to nearby infrastructural projects.

Flat Vs Plot in Mohali – Income

You should invest in a built-up flat if the main goal is to earn regular rental income. The same isn’t possible in the case of a plot.

Flat Vs Plot in Mohali – Tax

The flat vs plot rivalry also features different tax norms. You will save on tax while making installments against loans for apartments. However, the tax deduction will apply only from the time the construction is completed in the case of plots.


In the nutshell, buying a real estate property is a process that requires clients to make vigilant actions to yield the max of dividends. In this guide, we have brought multiple factors together to help you decide between buying a flat or a plot in Mohali. Hopefully, it will serve your purpose considerably.

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