Benefits of Buying a 2BHK Flat – Know More About Real Estate Investments

Benefits of Buying a 2BHK Flat - Know More About Real Estate Investments

Investing in residential properties is considered prudent by many. It not only opens avenues for easy rental income but helps you in receiving tax deductions. When property for sale in Kharar is in demand, it is essential to look for different real estate investment options. One such is 2BHK apartments in Kharar. Skim below to learn more about the advantages of buying a 2 bedroom and a hall flat.

Low Maintenance

After buying a flat, you need to pay monthly maintenance charges to the welfare society. The charges are levied as per the size of your flat. Naturally, a 2BHK flat will be smaller than a 3 BHK flat in Mohali. Therefore, you need to pay a lower amount for maintenance.

High Demand

The demand for 2BHK flats is more than any other type of flat. In comparison to a 1BHK flat, it is more spacious and for a small family, it offers ample space. If you are making any prior booking in real estate properties in Mohali, the first ones that get booked are these 2-bedroom flats. At Nirwana heights, you can look for different types of flats at a considerable rate. If you want you may contact their sales team and get an idea of the availability of 2BHK flats.

Easy to Maintain

These types of flats are easy to maintain as they are smaller and you can easily get domestic help to take care of them. Even they charge a lower amount for carrying out the cleaning activity in a 2BHK apartment.

Considerable Space

These days nuclear families have become more prominent in society. With only three or four members in the family, they look for 2BHK apartments in Tricity more than a 4BHK or 3BHK. The construction of such apartments is done in such a way that it offers considerable space so that all your requirements are fulfilled within your budget.

More Economical

The cost of an independent house for sale in Kharar is quite high. Even if you can afford one, it doesn’t make sense to invest in it when you have a small family. A better option is to buy two 2BHK flats from a reputed real estate agency in Mohali and enjoy rental income. It is a more feasible option that showers benefit from all sides.

Easy Financing

If you want you can avail of finances for your 2 BHK apartment from any bank or financial service provider. Unlike a villa in Kharar, the cost of such residential properties is already quite low and you can easily seek financing at a low-interest level. The low installments are allowing many people to invest in such real estate properties in Kharar.

As of now, you know the benefits, but what are the things that you must consider while making a final call? Here are some of the points to remember while buying a 2BHK flat in Kharar or any other place in Tricity. These are –

Select the Right Location

Buying a property whether commercial or residential, you must consider the location. By location, it doesn’t mean choosing the one which is highly expensive. Instead, select the one that appears to be promising concerning the future. For instance, in Tricity, the Kharar region is seeing a boom and more developments of the mall in Kharar Punjab also show that the rate of the property will surge more than expected in the near future. This is the right time to make a move and book a 2BHK flat.

Seek Help From Genuine Real Estate Agents

Seeking expert advice is beneficial in making a sound decision. But finding a genuine and reputed real estate agency is difficult to find in the Mohali region. That is why you are advised to check the testimonials and feedback of other customers before seeking advice from a real estate agent.

Define Your Budget

Lastly, you must fix your budget and then look for various options. Once you know how much you can spend on real estate investments, things become simpler for you. So, before looking for apartments in Mohali, you should fix a realistic budget that doesn’t burden you.


One of the smartest options for all residential property investors is 2BHK apartments in Mohali or Kharar. You can find umpteen options at a considerable price. Further, you can easily find a tenant in these regions for a 2-bedroom-hall flat.


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