5 Important Things to Check while Buying a House/Flat in Mohali

5 Important Things to Check while Buying a House/Flat in Mohali

So, finally, you come up with the well-thought and daring decision of buying a residential property in Mohali. Well, there are lots of checks one needs to keep in mind while investigating the perfect property. This guide intends to exhibit the top 5 things to check before buying a flat in Mohali. Hopefully, it will support your research to end up with the appropriate location as per your living standards, choices, and budget.

Indubitably, Mohali has always been one of the most sought-after locations for people who look to settle in the tri-city. Buying a house in Mohali can bring enormous perks for buyers since it is a rapidly growing area in north India. During the recent two decades, this location has seen impeccable growth and progress in terms of population, infrastructure, development, industrialization, shopping, entertainment, career/jobs/business, and numerous other prospects. That’s why Mohali and Chandigarh have become the topmost choices for both residential and business properties.

After having a vigilant study of this well-researched guide, clients might be eligible to search for the following services;

Here are the Important Things to Consider while Buying a House in Mohali

Do you strive to buy a house in Mohali but are confused about where to start? Here is the ideal guide for you! Finding the best property dealer near you can be challenging, given the surge in competition. At the same time, you also have to keep certain factors in mind before investing in your dream home. This guide is all about what you need to do to gain the best value for your hard-earned money. So, without any further ado, let’s undergo major factors buyers should pay attention to before finalizing a deal.

Know the developer/builder

It is critically important to grab some information about the reputation and background of the builder/developer involved. The process starts all the way when you approach your builder in some ways. It must be certified and authorized by the concerned legal authorities to ensure you are dealing with the right party.

You can approach other occupants as well to find out if they are having any issues with the developer or the locality. It is highly imperative since unauthorized dealers can make you prey with misleading and lucrative deals and offers.


During the purchasing process, it is important to have a check on the legality of various documents and paperwork involved therein to prevent fraud, etc. It includes lots of work and things to consider on the buyers’ side to ensure they are cracking the perfect and legally-safe deal.

You are associating with one of the top builders in Mohali though, you can’t deny the occurrence of an inhuman activity from his/her side. If you find the real estate jargon difficult or complex, hiring a lawyer could be a wise idea. He will handle the legal processes efficiently and will inform you if something is amiss/inappropriate in documents.

Check nearby facilities/amenities

When you’re undergoing a deal for a Mohali house for sale or an independent house for sale in Mohali, make sure to check the nearby facilities available. It must associate various amenities as claimed by the concerned developer/dealer. Some flats are equipped with relevant facilities i.e. stores, dispensaries, libraries, swimming pools, etc.

However, when you come to buy a 2BHK or 3BHK apartment in Mohali, it may be possible that you don’t get these kinds of amenities. Therefore, you should look for a home in Mohali with various basic amenities such as schools, hospitals, and cinema halls within a small radius.

Ownership cost

Customers can come across a range of options when they explore independent floors in Mohali. With every alternative available, you must try to find out the total cost of ownership before applying a stamp on a particular one. It includes a number of costs such as stamp duty, registration charges, parking charges as well as other local taxes.

On various occasions, dealers stay with some hidden charges by not revealing them to clients. Thus, you need to be attentive on every front since it can add substantially to the total cost of your floor in Mohali.

Layout inspection

Also, it is a good idea to have a thorough scan of the layout of the site or the property for sale in Mohali. You should inspect whether or not the location and layout of the flat comply with the claimed standards. Are they constructed as per the existing laws and regulations of the region? Is there any legal dispute associated with the property you’re going to buy? All these are essential remarks you must ponder before investing in a 2BHK flat in Mohali.


It is no secret that Mohali has the potential to become the central attraction of the real estate industry in the near future. Investors from across the world are all set to revolutionize the destination by setting up dynamic commercial and residential sites. Ultimately, the upcoming scenario is likely to unlock endless possibilities for investors, builders, developers, and clients as well.

However, buyers, on the other hand, also need to proceed heedfully amidst the realm of cut-throat competition. This guide has mulled over the top 5 things to check while buying a home in Mohali. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful in making an informed buying decision.

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