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6 common real estate mistakes that you need to avoid

What is the first prospect that comes to your mind when you decide to invest a hefty amount? The answer will be ‘Real Estate Company in Mohali’ without any doubt.

Owing to the constantly growing demand for residential properties, real estate has emerged as one of the most recommended and safest sources for investment. Where the investment sector assures a good return on the investment, it is imperative to know the most common mistakes. The right choice will save you from unexpected financial loss. 


In this blog, we will discuss the most common real estate mistakes that need to be avoided at any cost. 

Skimping on research

While buying an electronic or a car, first you compare all the latest models, their prices, throw queries and try to determine if the purchase is worth the money or not. The same is the case with real estate investments. Firstly you need to decide which type of real estate investor you want to be – a personal homeowner, a landlord, a flipper, or a land developer.

All your future actions will be directed accordingly. 

Next, you need to conduct proper research on the property you are interested in – about the cost, previous owners, the purpose of selling, expected returns, etc.

Failing to estimate your financial capability

The most important part of entering an investment deal is evaluating your finances. Apart from the major purchase expense, there are several hidden charges including property taxes, registration fees, furnishing, maintenance, interiors, etc. 

Similarly, if you are planning to take a home loan, consider your credit score first. 

Overlooking builder’s reputation

Choosing a reputed and trusted builder enhances the credibility of your investment. The trusted builders will take care of the paperwork, legal documents, and permits. Also, a reputed brand will ensure good quality of construction. RERA-approved projects offer more transparency as compared to the local brands.

Ignoring tenant’s needs

If you are intended to purchase a property for rental purposes, keep the demand and requirements of tenants in mind. Make sure to match your investments with the prospective tenants.

Missing on Expert Advice

Most of the investors do not seek any professional help while investing the money. They tend to overlook the expert advice which can bring harm. You need the next expertise to check on the papers and legal documents of the property. 

Mistiming the deal

Timing is the key to everything in life including real estate investment. Most dealers offer sales on their projects and waiting for the time can bring fortune for the investor. Like any other trade, the demand and supply chain plays an important role in the property as well.  


Key Takeaway:

Real estate investment is a crucial decision and making it in hurry, without any research or expert advice can turn the tables. 

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