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Why is location important while buying a flat?

As soon as you decide to buy a property, the choice of location is the first thing that pops in your mind. Any decision takes an overwhelming amount of research and gathering ample information.

When a buyer decides to buy a certain property, he puts the savings of his life at stake. There are a number of common factors that need to be checked including the neighborhood, proximity to amenities and facilities, access to water, safety quotient, proximity to highway, bus stops, markets, warehouses etc. 

Nirwana Heights is one of the most reputed properties on Ropar highway, Kharar. Located right next to the Kharar flyover, Nirwana Heights offers an exponential growth. 


Here are a few reasons that explain the importance of the location.

Appreciation Value

The appreciation value of the property directly depends upon the location of the house. There are localities that undergo tremendous development in terms of infrastructure just because of their excellent location and connectivity.


Being the most accessible housing society in Kharar, Nirwana Heights offers easy access to grocery shops, hospitals, schools and other day-to-day facilities. 

This property on Ropar highway, Kharar, allows you to lead a hassle-free life without wasting your time and money. 


Well-maintained roads and easy access to public transport not only enhances the value of your property but your convenience as well. Having good connectivity to major highways ensures higher returns as well. 


Your home should ensure maximum safety and comfort to you and your family. Needless to say, one must choose a location that has a low crime rate and healthy environment. 

Nirwana Heights, one of the most reputed builders of Mohali, offers luxury and budget friendly apartments and villas at the best location in the city.  

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