5-Point checklist to find the right apartments in Kharar

Where you rest your head at night leaves a solid impact on your life, lifestyle and happiness. That is why; choosing the right home for you and your family is a daunting decision. To make the choice clear and concise, we have mentioned a few benefits of living in a contemporary housing society in Kharar.

1.RERA Registration:

For any under-construction project as of 1 May’17, getting a RERA NUMBER is compulsory. That is why; it is the first shortlisting criteria. Any project that is registered under RERA has to provide all the construction details on the RERA website. It simply enhances the building and builder’s credibility and trustworthiness.



Location is another important aspect for any real estate investment. Check the proximity and vicinity of the project from the city centre, your workplace, retail parks and other major landmarks of the city. If you have kids, check the distance of the apartment from their school as well. Also, try to choose the most secured society in Kharar.


3.Budget and Appreciation:

Compare the overall budget and expected appreciation of different available projects. Initial cost might look like the most important factor, but the expected appreciation is equally important. You should get the worth of money you invest.


4.Builder Reputation:

Easement of possession is mandatory. Check with the builder’s reputation through social media, Google reviews, word of mouth or every other possible source. Find answer to the following questions:

  • How many have the builder complete and delivered till date?
  • Are there any pending litigation against him?
  • How transparent is the builder’s dealing?
  • Has anyone in your circle invested in the same project?
  • Has any public forum highlighted their construction flaws?

You can go ahead with the project only if you find satisfactory answers to these questions. Try to deal with the most reputed builder of kharar.

5.Compare amenities:

Make a list of amenities different buildings are offering and find which ones you need the most. All the amenities should be practical and available.

We hope that this checklist will assist you while comparing the available projects and making the right choice.