5 Factors to help you decide which floor to buy a flat on

5 Factors to help you decide which floor to buy a flat on

High-rises have become such a common sight in today’s world. Not only in metros but people living in small cities also prefer buying houses in tall buildings. There are a good number of reasons behind buying an apartment in a housing society in Kharar.


However, zeroing which floor to buy a flat on is a crucial decision. There are certain factors that need to be considered.


1. Security and privacy concerns

No matter how secured the society is, the lower floors of the building are considered less safe as compared to the higher floors. The reason is the easy access of the lower floors. 

Those who are willing to stay on the lower floors must examine the security system of the apartments in Kharar extra carefully.   


2. Fire safety

Fire safety is an issue for people living on the higher floors. In this case, you need to check the occupancy certificate (OC) of the building. The buildings that have an OC, meet the fire safety criteria of the vendors. 

Being the best builder in Kharar, we assure the availability of fire safety equipment, especially at the higher flats.  


3. Number of lifts and staircases

Ideally every building should have two or more lifts in each tower so that at least one remains functional in case of any breakdown. This factor becomes more significant for them who have kids or elders in their family. 

Check the convenience of staircases as they should be easy to walk in case of emergency.


4.Mobile network

The construction of high-rise towers going up to 25 or 40 floors is a common practice. Make sure the flats located at higher floors offer adequate mobile network coverage.


5.Light and ventilation

Living on higher floors has its own perks. They not only offer a better light but excellent ventilation as well. Also, you get a better view of society and around. However, climate also has a role to offer. The upper floors are considered warmer as compared to the lower ones. 


 I hope these key factors will help you in taking the right decision.

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